Plant Productivity and Stress Management

Scientific Program




Day 1: December 19, 2019


08:00 am

Breakfast: Oottupura (Behind Central Auditorium)





08:30-09:20 am

Registration: Venue: Central Auditorium, KAU





09:25-09:30 am

Eulogy of Dr. S Seshadrinath, Late Professor and Head (Plant Physiology), KAU









09:30-11:00 am

Inaugural Session (Central Auditorium, KAU)





11:00-11:10 am

Conference Group Photo





11:10-11:30 am







Chair: Sudhir K Sopory, ICGEB






Keynote Address






Professor Kadambot Siddique, The University of Western Australia, Australia



Adaptation of chickpea to terminal drought: Physiological and molecular approaches


12:15 -1:15pm

Memorial Award Lectures






Chair: M. B. Chetti, UAS Dharwad






Co-chair: V. P. Singh, IARI, New Delhi






Professor S.K. Sinha Memorial Award Lecture






Speaker: M. Maheshwari, CRIDA, Hyderabad





12:45-1:15 pm

Professor K.K. Nanda Memorial Award Lecture






Speaker: Ramesh Sonti, NIPGR





1:15-2:15 pm

LUNCH (Oottupura)








Concurrent Technical Sessions


2:15-4:30 pm


Session A I: Abiotic Stress Adaptations and


Session   B:   Photosynthesis   and   Crop




Management (Central Auditorium, KAU)









(Central Library, KAU)




Chairperson: T G Prasad, UASB


Chairperson: S.R. Voleti, ICAR-IIRR,




Co-Chair: Nandini K, KAU (Retd.)







Co-Chair: Abida P S, KAU




Rapporteur: Suma T C, UAS Raichur






Rapporteur: M K Kalarani, TNAU










Lead Speakers


Lead Speakers


2:15-2:35 pm


M Udayakumar, UASB


P V Shivaprasad, NCBS Bengaluru




Chemical  genomics:  Regulation  of  plant  traits


Small   RNA-mediated   regulation   of   crop




and mechanisms  using protein targeting  small


domestication-associated phenotypes










2:40- 3:00 pm

Krishna Jagadish S V, Kansas State

Vinod Tiwari, ICAR-IIWBR (Retd.), Karnal



University, USA

Improving yield in crops – breeders’ perspectives



Heat stress impacts on grain crops – progress



for physiologists



and perspectives





3:00- 3:20 pm

Ramegowda H V, UASB



Y A Nanjareddy, UASB





Understanding  the  mechanisms  of  combined



Physiological approaches for yield enhancement



drought and heat stress tolerance in



in finger millet






















Session Speakers



Special Lecture




3:20- 3:30 pm

Sushma  M  Awaji,  Evaluation  of  multigene



James Jacob, RRII





transgenic  rice  for  salt  tolerance  using  soil



Applications of Geo-spatial Technology in Indian






Natural Rubber Plantation Sector









3:30- 3:40 pm

Rajesh Kalladan, Dying to yield: Significance of









senescence-induced remobilization for improved









grain weight and quality under terminal drought









in barley
















3:40- 3:50 pm

Rose  Mary  Paul,  Physiology  of  traditional



Session Speakers





varieties and saline tolerant hybrids in rice – A



Shamsul Hayat, Sodium nitroprusside mediated



comparative study







increase in photosynthetic efficiency, ion uptake

















performance of mustard crops









3:50- 4:00 pm

Kundan   Kumar,   Molecular   cloning   and



Rajamanickam  Elanchezhian,  Application  of



heterologous   characterization   of   a   novel



nano-micronutrients   for   enhancing   growth,



sodium/hydrogen  exchanger  from  a  mangrove



nutrient use efficiency and metabolism of crops



plant, Rhizophora apiculata














4:00- 4:10 pm

Ratna   Kumar   Pasala,   Diversity   in   traits



M   J   Baig,   Photorespiratory   bypass   by



expression   of   sesame   germplasm   under




E. coli glycolate catabolic pathway



intermittent drought



genes improved photosynthesis and productivity






of rice











4:10- 4:20 pm

Rakavi B, Cotton floral behavior, yield and fibre



Amar Pal Singh, Interdependent hormonal and



quality changes under water deficit scenario



nitrogen-derived signals regulate root plasticity






duringfluctuating nitrogen availability









4:20- 4:30 pm

R Gomathi, Physiological evaluation of drought



Sanket  J  More,  Cassava  under  water  deficit



stress tolerance in sugarcane (Saccharum spp.)









under field condition



discrimination,   water   use   efficiency   and






photosynthetic efficiency













4:30- 5:30 pm









5:30- 7:00 pm

Panel Discussion/ Special Session (Central Auditorium, KAU)














Chair: M B Chetti, UAS, Dharwad









Panelists: Representative faculty from SAUs, academia and other allied institutions




Syllabi and Teaching Methodologies in Plant/Crop Physiology










7:00-8:00 pm

General Body Meeting of the Indian Society for Plant Physiology













8:00- 9:00 pm

DINNER (Oottupura)









Day 2: December 20, 2019


Breakfast: Oottupura (Behind Central Auditorium)



9:00-9:45 am

Prof. G.V. Joshi Memorial Award Lecture


Chair: Sanjay Kalia, DBT


Co-chair: Nataraja Karaba N, UASB


Speaker: Dr R Chandra Babu, Vice Chancellor, KAU




Comment on Journal of Tropical Agriculture, KAU Journal


Dr. Meera V Menon, Editor, JTA



9:50-10:45 am

Special Session for Young Scientist Award Oral Presentation


Convener: Kadambot Siddique, The University of Western Australia, Australia


Co-convener: Madan Pal, IARI, New Delhi


Rapporteur: Sudhir Kumar, IARI, New Delhi



10.45-11.00 am


11:00-11:30 am

Special Session for Young Scientist Award Oral Presentation


Convener: Kadambot Siddique, The University of Western Australia, Australia


Co-convener: Madan Pal, IARI, New Delhi


Rapporteur: Sudhir Kumar, IARI, New Delhi



Concurrent Technical Sessions



11:30am-1:00 pm


Session D: Physiology of Tree and Plantation Crops




Special Session: Science Quiz







(Central Library, KAU)




(Central Auditorium, KAU)







Chairperson: Syam Viswanath, KFRI



Science Quiz for Students







Co-Chair: Jaiprakash R Patil, UAS Raichur



Convener: Roy Stephen K, KAU





Rapporteur: Jayasree Gopalakrishnan, RRII



Co-conveners: Sumesh K V and









Rajesh Kalladan





Lead Speakers
















11:30-11:50 am


K B Hebbar, ICAR-CPCRI, Kasaragod










Tapping phloem sap from palm trees to turn palm worker into






























Vasudeva R, UASD, Sirsi










Mapping  and  creating  database  of  plant  resources  of  the










Western Ghats, India: a unique exercise in a global biodiversity










hotspot to augment tree physiology research


















12:10-12:30 pm


K S Krishnamurthy, ICAR-ISSR, Calicut










Physiology of black pepper with special emphasis on stress






























Session speakers









12:30-12:40 pm


Ajaya K Trivedi, Variation  in  light  relations  and  associated










physiological  parameters  during  different  phenophases  in










commercial mango (Mangifera indica L.) cultivars


















12:40-12:50 pm


Sukumar  Taria,  Evaluation  of  water  stress  response  in










Azadirachta indica and Terminalia mantaly trees


















12:50-1:00 pm


Manasa R, Metabolomic approach to study the influence of CO2










enrichment on quality of ginger


















1:00-2:00 pm


LUNCH (Oottupura)


















 Concurrent Technical Sessions 

2:00-3:30 pm

Session C: Plant Microbe Interactions

Session A II: Abiotic Stress Adaptations and


(Central Auditorium, KAU)

Management (Central Library, KAU)


Chairperson: P Doraisamy, TNAU

Chairperson: Krishna Jagadish SV, KSU, USA


Co-Chair: Ramesh Bhat, UASD

Co-Chair: Viji M M, KAU


Rapporteur: Kiran B O, UAS Dharwad

Rapporteur: A Senthil, TNAU





Lead Speakers

Lead Speakers

2:00-2:20 pm

R Umashaanker, UASB

H S Talwar, ICAR-IIMR (Retd.), Ludhiana




Drought  management  in  millets  with  special




reference to sorghum




2:20-2:40 pm

Joy Michal Johnson, KAU

Jagadish Rane, ICAR-NIASM, Baramati


Signal transduction in plant-microbe interactions:

Challenges, opportunities and gaps in employing


Role of cytosolic calcium signaling in beneficial

high throughput phenomics tools for assessing


and pathogenic plant-fungus interactions

plant responses to abiotic stresses




2:40-3:00 pm

Surendra Gopal, KAU

M S Sheshshayee, UASB


Plant -Microbe Interactions- A multifaceted bio-

Real-time phenotyping for Water use, WUE and


tool for sustainable agriculture

growth rates: Prospects of the novel platform for




focused physiological breeding applications





Session Speakers

Session Speakers

3:00- 3:10 pm

Muthappa Senthil-Kumar, Combined stresses

Sreepriya S, Mitigation of waterlogging stress in


in plants: concept and current understanding

sesame by foliar spray




3:10- 3:20 pm

Swarup  Roy  Choudhury,  A  phosphorylation

M Djanaguiraman, Improving drought tolerance


based  mechanism  of  G  protein  components

of  greengram  through  foliar  application  of


regulate the root nodulation events in soybean



by interacting a symbiosis receptor-like kinase





3:20-3:30 pm

Punitha  S,  Bacillus  methylotrophicus  RABA6

Dhandapani R, Non-destructive phenotyping for


and Candida tropicalis  RAYN2 influenced root

improving water use efficiency in rice


exudates leading to drought tolerance in rice





3:30-4:30 pm

Theme: S2 Academia-Farmers-Industry Interface (Central Auditorium, KAU)


Chair: U. Jaikumaran, KAU



Co-chair: K Asha, State Coordinator, ATMA



Rapporteur: Gopakumar S, KAU



Participants: Academicians, Industry representatives and farmers




4:30-5:30 pm



5:30-6:45 pm

Concurrent technical workshops




Workshop 1: CRISPR/Cas mediated genome editing (Convener: V Chinnusamy)



Workshop 2: Phenomics for evaluation of physiological traits (Conveners: Sudhir Kumar and R







Workshop 3: Scientific Writing and Reference Management (Conveners: Rita Sharma and



Manoj Sharma)


7:00-8:30 pm

Cultural program (Central Auditorium, KAU)


8:30-9:30 pm

Dinner (Oottupura)


Day 3: December 21, 2019


8:00-9:00 am

Breakfast: Oottupura (Behind Central Auditorium)














Concurrent Technical Sessions



9:00-11:00 am

Session  E:  Genomics  –  Assisted  Crop


Session F: Climate Change Impacts and Crop




Improvement (Central Auditorium, KAU)


Modelling (Central Library, KAU)











Chairperson: Shylaja MR, KAU


Chairperson: Jose Kallarackal, KFRI (Retd.)



Co-Chair: Padmesh P Pillai, Central University


Co-Chair: A Hemantaranjan, BHU



Rapporteur: Beena R, KAU


Rapporteur: Soumya P R, KAU









Lead Speakers


Lead Speakers










9:00-9:20 am

Valliyodan Babu, USA


P  V  Varaprasad,  Kansas  State  University,



Genetic resources and genomic innovation for











soybean improvement












9:20-9:40 am

Ramesh Bhat, UASD


Manju RV, KAU



Genomics  and  epigenomics  of  foliar  disease


Exploiting  physiological  modifications  in  plant



resistance for groundnut breeding


systems under increasing CO2 concentration for





climate resilient agriculture








9:40-10:00 am

Gopala Krishnan S, IARI, New Delhi


Santhosh Mitra, ICAR-CTCRI, Trivandrum



Molecular  breeding  for  development  of  stress


Climate change and crop modelling



tolerant rice varieties











10:00-10:20 am

Raveendran M, TNAU


Ramanjulu Sunkar, NRC, USA









Accelerating development of stress tolerant rice


Plant  microRNAs  and  their  regulation  under




through genomics and bioinformatics


abiotic stresses









Session Speakers


Session Speakers









10:20-10:30 am

B Mohan Raju, Doubled haploid rice lines: Their


D Vijayalakshmi, Canopy micrometeorology to



uniformity,  stability  and  yield  potential  over


address the adaptation strategies in rice under



generations, seasons and locations


high temperature stress







10:30-10:40 am

Sobhakumari   VP,   Direct   visualization   of


Anita Mann, NGS  transcriptome  of  halophyte



chromosome transmission from related genera


Urochondra setulosa reveal the role of cell wall



to  sugarcane  and  its  impact  on  agronomical


metabolic  genes  contributing  to  high  salinity












10:40-10:50 am

Ekamber  Kariali,  Differential  proteomics  and


Ishan Ajmera, OpenSimRoot-Rice: a functional-



ethylene  production  in  the  apical  and  basal


structural model of rice root system architecture



spikelets regulate variation in grain filling in rice


and soil resource capture



cultivars contrast for panicle compactness















Shanthi  RM,  Molecular  diversity  analysis  of


Srikant T, Temperature: The master regulator in



Indian  ‘Co’  canes  using  genic  microsatellites


inducing tuberization in potato



associated  with  sucrose  metabolic  pathway







enzymes in sugarcane













11:00-11:30 am

















National Conference of Plant Physiology “Plant Productivity and Stress Management” December 19-21, 2019, Kerala Agricultural University, Thrissur, Kerala




Session G: Anthropogenic Induced Stress



Session H: Physiology of Horticultural Crops,





(Central Auditorium, KAU)



Post-harvest Physiology and Plant Nutrition







and Development (Central Library, KAU)





















Chairperson: Jos T Puthur, Calicut University


Chairperson: Prakash Patil, IIHR




Co-Chair: R Gomathi, SBI


Co-Chair: G Rama Rao, ANGRAU




Rapporteur: P Latha, ANGRAU


Rapporteur: G V Sudarsana Rao, KAU











Lead Speakers



Lead Speakers














T. Girija, KAU


P. Jeyakumar, TNAU




Stress   induced   on   crop   plants   by   weed


Physiological interventions in ethylene action for




management interventions: An overview


postharvest quality











P. Sureshkumar,


Bhanu Petla, SDSU, USA




Amrita Vishwa Vidyapeetham, Co imbatore


New tools reveal new knowledge: Cell type-level




Anthropogenic induced stress to plants


auxin/cytokinin balance in soybean nodules
















12:10-12:30 pm


Berin Pathrose, KAU


Vidhu A Sane, CSIR-NBRI, Lucknow




Pesticides: A source of anthropogenic stress in


Characterization of phosphomevalonate kinase,






a  key  enzyme  governing  aroma  in  ripening


















Session Speakers



Session Speakers














Kalyan  Mahapatra,  Investigation  of  oxidative






12:30-12:40 pm



K B Sujatha, Interspecific grafting to enhance




stress  mediated  cytotoxicity  and  genotoxicity


the resilience to flooding stress in tomato





following  exposure  to  pesticides  in  fenugreek








(Trigonella foenum-graecum L.)












12:40-12:50 pm


Sameena  P  P,  Effects  of  copper  stress  on


Milan   Kumar   Lal,   Modified   protocol   on




photosystem  II  efficiency  of  cotyledonary  and


hydrolysis index could be decisive in determining




true leaves of Ricinus communis L. seedlings


the glycemic index in processed potatoes










1:00-2:00 pm


Valedictory function (Central Auditorium, KAU)














2:00 pm


Lunch and Disperse (Oottupura)
















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  • Abiotic stress Adaptations and Management

  • Photosynthesis and Crop Productivity

  • Plant Microbe Interactions

  • Physiology of Tree and Plantation Crops

  • Genomics - assisted Crop Improvement

  • Climate Change Impacts and Crop Modelling

  • Anthropogenic Induced Stress

  • Physiology of Horticultural Crops and Post-harvest Physiology