Plant Productivity and Stress Management

Poster Presentation

Guidelines for the poster presentation:
  • Poster size - 3 ft wide and 4 ft high (36in W x 48in H).
  • Text should be readable from five feet distance.
  • The posters should have the following format
    • Title
    • Names of Authors: The presenters name should be formatted as bold and underlined.
    • institutional Affiliation of the authors
    • Email of presenting author
    • The main text (should be legible from at least a distance of five feet).



  • Abiotic stress Adaptations and Management

  • Photosynthesis and Crop Productivity

  • Plant Microbe Interactions

  • Physiology of Tree and Plantation Crops

  • Genomics - assisted Crop Improvement

  • Climate Change Impacts and Crop Modelling

  • Anthropogenic Induced Stress

  • Physiology of Horticultural Crops and Post-harvest Physiology